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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mountain Wildflowers

I have never considered myself a flower photographer.

Mountain flowers-13.JPG

Indeed I have always been disappointed in my efforts to produce floral photos that I wanted o take a second look at.

Mountain flowers-12.JPG

This has been a unique year for moisture on the mountain. As a result, the wild flower bloom has been exceptional.

Mountain flowers-11.JPG

I decided to take advantage of the situation and give it one more try. This time, I committed to be patient and spend the time that was needed to create some images. (I usually get antsy and go try to find some kind of wildlife.)

Mountain flowers-9.JPG

Cedar Breaks National Monument offers a great selection of flowers and is close to my home. The month of July and Early August is prime time for flowers there.

Mountain flowers-7.JPG

This year is truly exceptional. If you haven't been there yet be sure you get out and go.

Mountain flowers-4.JPG

I satisfied myself on this trip. I proved to myself that with patience and persistence, you can produce images that are worth taking a second and even a third look at.

Mountain flowers-2.JPG

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