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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photographing the formations North of the Paria Contact Station.

I was directed to a new photo destination last weekend. A good friend of mine and outstanding landscape photographer Phill Monson took me to a part of the Paria that I had never explored before.


We went to the Paria contact station at mile post 20.5 on the road between Kanab and Lake Powel but instead of hiking South to the Paria we went North of the contact station to an area known as the Toad Stools.


We never actually found the Toad Stools but we saw some beautiful formations and took some great photos. Had a lot of fun along the way with Phil and my son Alex. We were favored by great clouds as well. Enjoy.



  1. Nice! One of these days I need to make it down that way so that we can shoot.

  2. Those are the best pics I've ever seen you take...and you've taken some great ones. The majestic sky contrasted with the rock is what gets me.

  3. Great shots, this is an area I have wanted to go, now you make me want to even more.