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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White-tailed kite

I had the chance to photograph a White-tailed kite in the Washington fields this evening.
My dad-1.JPG
This is the first one that I have seen in Utah. They are usually only found on the west coast and around the Gulf of Mexico.
White-tailed kite
They grassy areas and feed almost exclusively on insects and mice. They were once a rare sight even in their range but have made a great comeback and are now fairly common. But not in Utah!
White-tailed kit 2
If you want to see it head for the Southeast corner of the Washington fields, around 2000 South and 3000 East. Look for the George Washington Academy. The field across the street can be productive. If you don't see it there drive around the area a little.
White-tailed kite 4
Hopefully you will get lucky like I did. Thanks to Rick Fridell for the tip.

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